Always Another Story Productions

About Us

Dedicated to classic storytelling, we are a  privately financed production house developing original stories with family-friendly themes.


We typically partner with other production houses on short films and features.  Our team is a collection of freelance professionals with specialty talents who contribute to each project.


Investors and producers are welcome to discuss partnerships on any of our projects in development.

Executive & Partner Producers

Alan Knittel

Head of Development

Executive Producer, Lead Writer, Director

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Tony Dionisio-45.jpg

Partner Producer, EyeWall Pictures

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Writing Team

Victoria Joy Sacino

Creator, Screenwriter

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Character Design & Animation

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Visual Development / Concept art

Juan Pablo Bouza

Technical Lead, 3D Artist, Modeler, Rigger

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3D Animator

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Music Production & Scoring

Jonathan David Russell

Composer / Music Producer

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